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Rendering Patients in SolR (part 3)

The two previous attempts have failed to bring enough power and flexibility in searching within patient history.

The current approach allows:

  1. highlighting all the relevant information at the encounter level
  2. mixing logical operators (OR,AND,NOT) between encounters
  3. mixing temporal order between encounters

First the process of building cohorts changes to:

  1. define the constraints on one encounter
  2. eventually add patient level constraints
  3. look for those matching encounters
  4. loop 1. to 3. to define other encounters
  5. add logical links between encounters/groups
  6. add temporal links between encounters/groups

A constraint on a encounter might be:

Constrained encounters can be then linked together. For example:


To enable the temporal/disjoint feature the documents are repeated in a factorial way. This may lead to terrible situations. Only the textual data should be stored. Moreover in each document, the historical information should only be indexed and not stored. Even by doing this the dimention of the index might be unreasonnable. An other problem is the complexity to produce such documents: the serialization to json might be a nightmare.

Less Ambitions

By not enabling temporal/disjoint, what append's?

React ?

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