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When receiving many mails a day, having a single mail pool makes easy to loose important emails. Using mailboxes (ie: sub folders) with rules becomes a need. The good point is all the mailboxes are regularly updated to alert when incoming email are received. The few steps are generating a mailbox tree, mooving mails manually, mooving them automatically, and finally mooving the history in batch.

Generating a mailbox tree

Mailboxes consists of folder{cur, new, old} where folder represents its name. The easy way to build them is from the mutt interface, by pressing s on an email and choosing the new mailboxe name. The root of the mailboxe is defined as the folder variable.

Mooving mails manually

It is possible to redirect an email into a mailboxe by pressing s and then =myMailBoxeChoice. In case you want to put it back to the general spool just type = with an empty mailboxe.

Mooving mails automatically

I have been able to write rules based on email features such from with the helpful tutorial. In my setup, getmail fetches the mails and invokes procmail to redirect the mail somewhere. The idea is to parse the email address with a regex and depending on the result redirect it in the right new mailboxe folder.

Mooving mails history

I haven't yet a solution for that.

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