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    Importance of Teaching

    Today knowledge exists. Search-engine and recomendation-algorithms makes knowledge accessible. We live in a knowledge opulence. Does this mean we make a good use of the knowledge ?

    Opulence is counter productive


    For multiple reason among reducing consumption from predatory, fish use schooling: they regroup and swim in the same direction. An interpretation is that the predator is less able to make choice in this context of opulence.

    Paradoxally, living in a megalopole usually increase lonely and people decrease their activity. Opulence of offer limit the usage.

    I am pretty sure the opulence of information on the web acts in the same manner. The potential is huge, but the usage is low.

    Faster, but less emotion

    Before internet, knowledge was physically shared among people or books. The knowledge came together with an emotional context. Some memory method use emotion to ehnance performances.

    Internet knowledge does not provide such emotion together with the information. Therefore, the memory processus cannot be enhanced naturally. The is a need to reinforce the internet knowledges.


    There is multiple ways of teaching: explaining to others, writing a blog-post, self explaining by mind. In every cases, teaching need a synthesis step, and structure the informations to improve understanding and finally ease the learning.

    Teaching is a powerful way of consolidating the knowledges. It helps to raise error or superficial understanding. It has interesting advantages: the teaching materials can be used to re-activate knowledges, and also reduce the cognitive load.


    In the days of knowledge opulence, there is a numeric hygiene to fix the informations and take advantage of it.

    React ?

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