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    FHIR Search Engine - Resource Operators

    Technical Consideration

    Technical Conclusion


    It is possible from spring-data-solr to build the solr query. This query can be passed to spark-solr.

    fhir-syntax -> solr-syntax

    AND(Dataframe, Dataframe, Column) OR(Dataframe, Dataframe, Column) EXCEPT(Dataframe, Dataframe) AFTER(Dataframe, Dataframe, column, column, column) OCCURRENCE(Dataframe, number) NOT_IN(Dataframe, Dataframe)

    DefaultQueryParser b = new DefaultQueryParser(new SimpleSolrMappingContext());
    String z = b.createQueryStringFromNode(search.getCriteria(), null);

    Things go like this:

    fhir-client: fhir-syntax-operators -> fhir-backend: fhir-syntax-operator => solr-syntax-operator -> spark-backend: parser,joins, results -> create a patient list within solr

    Group versus List

    Results Informations

    Most relevant FHIR ressources have two, three or four of those elements:

    1. id
    2. patient
    3. encounter
    4. date

    Patient Level

    Every filtered ressource being linked to a patient it is possible to operate on them all:

    val r0 = (1::2::3::6::7::Nil).toDF("patient")
    val r1 = (1::2::3::Nil).toDF("patient")
    val r2 = (2::3::6::Nil).toDF("patient")
    val r3 = (1::3::7::Nil).toDF("patient")

    Encounter Level

    val r1 = ((1,10)::(1,11)::(3,12)::Nil).toDF("patient", "encounter")
    val r2 = ((1,11)::(3,12)::Nil).toDF("patient", "encounter")
    val r3 = (1::3::7::Nil).toDF("patient")

    Date Level

    val r1 = ((1,new Date(1L))::(1,new Date(2L))::Nil).toDF("patient", "date")
    val r2 = ((1,new Date(1L))::(3,new Date(2L))::Nil).toDF("patient", "date")

    All Together

    Number Of Occurrence

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