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Introducing the "Readings" section


Books are meant to be read. Also books should be reviewed and criticized. I am introducing a new book section with several goals in mind:

  • read more books
  • read carefuly
  • keep notes, and summary


Books, comics, novel, essay, philosophy and also research papers will be covered. In term of content, I can imagine:

  • reference
  • citation
  • synthesis
  • form analysis
  • and also cover picture

I wonder I it's legal to share citations, and pictures of comics. This is something I will check out.


I guess I could distinguish several categories, and provide views per categories.

Entry preview

Each entry preview would have:

  • title
  • summary
  • thumbnail
  • stars

Entry content

Depending on the category, each book entry might have:

  • summary
  • screenshots
  • citations

Next Steps

I will need to explore existing things on the web. Still the content and reading can start with this goal. I can think of:

React ?

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